Ultimate Hockey Trivia Quiz

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A hockey trivia game designed to test your NHL knowledge! 10 questions per game. Question pool currently has 500 questions. Still in beta testing mode.

Note: If the play again button does not load a new pool of questions, clicking refresh or clearing the cache on your browser should do the trick. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ready to test your hockey trivia skills?

1. Which player also had a brother who played in the NHL?
2. How many NHL teams did Bobby Orr play for?
3. Which team has won the most Stanley Cups?
4. Which coach recorded his first 150 wins in just 234 games – an NHL record?
5. Which player was drafted into the NHL as a defenseman?
6. Who was the last NHL goaltender to play without a mask?
7. Pavel Datsyuk was almost traded by the Detroit Red Wings to the New Jersey Devils during 2007 in exchange for which player?
8. Before Jamie Benn in 2015, who was the last player to lead the NHL in total regular season points on a team that did not make the playoffs?
9. What was Curtis Joseph’s nickname?
10. What are the most goals a player has scored in a single NHL game?


If you would like to submit your own hockey trivia question for this game, or report an error, you can contact me here.